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Horse blankets are an investment to be protected. Lori’s Horse Laundry Service makes it possible for you to keep your blankets in good condition for many years with regular cleaning. My service offers pick up and delivery of your horse blanket with most orders completed in a week. Sooner if needed.

Cleaning is done in a commercial washer without agitation, which is easier on blankets. Each blanket goes through a pre-wash, wash, and three rinse cycles. I do not use commercial cleaning chemicals but only a mild hypoallergenic laundry soap. The blanket is then lined dried. All done to extend the life of your horse blanket.

Baker Blankets Ask about our new blankets. We are an authorized dealer for these brands and more. Schneiders

I suggest that horse blankets be cleaned on a regular basis even if you do them yourself. Urine and manure contain ammonia which act like acid on the fabric causing the break down of their strength making them more vulnerable to damage. One of the worst things people can do with their blankets is to store them through the summer before being cleaned.

Along with the horse laundry, I also offer blankets repairs. Often it is cheaper to fix a blanket rather than purchase a new one. But if the repair will cost more than the blanket is worth, I will call you with an estimate before doing any repairs. All items needing repair will require being laundered.

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